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Welcome to the Rural Research and Development Promoting Knowledge Association (RRDPA) is an independent, non-political Lao Not- for- Profit Association, which is locally managed. We provide training, action research and resources for community development in the Lao PDR.

Since April 2004, RRDPA has been operating under the umbrella of the Lao Union of Science and Engineering Associations (LUSEA) based namely Rural Research & Development Training Center (RRDTC). In 2009, a new decree for the regulation and operation of Lao Non-Profit Associations was created authorizing the Public administration and Civil Service Authority (PACSA), in conjunction with line ministries, to register and monitor all non-profit association in Lao PDR. On September 6, 2012 RRDPA received its license from Ministry of Home Affair to operate as a registered NPA.

We provide participatory curriculum design, training, research and resources for community development in Lao PDR. Since February 2006, we have worked in 15 of the 18 Provinces of Laos, providing training for more than 10 different ethnic groups

Words About Us

Sustainable and Equitable Community Development throughout Lao PDR


RRDPA recognizes that community development in Lao PDR is not yet sustainable because of many factors including, a lack of education, financial constraints. Institutions, organizations and communities are not able to adapt and response to these, due to the lack of knowledge, resources, information and social changes.

A Social Indicators Survey is being undertaken by the Lao PDR Government, with support from a number of international organizations, as part of the plan to accelerate progress towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals by 2015... More



Become a Partner organisation

If you are looking for a Lao Not for Profit Organisation as a partner or to deliver your program in Laos , talk to us. We also have links with other Lao Not for Profit organisations so we can pass your ideas along to other suitable Lao organisations if you want us to.

Service Offerings

RRDPA works with Donors, Partners and Customers to deliver the below service offerings:

Capacity Building

working at the grass roots level to build capacity in child and women’s rights, small business entrepreneurs and forestry awareness.

Public Training

focused on the delivery of pre-packaged training courses using PRA and IK methods to deliver Project Management and Community Development Training.

Customized Training

developed in collaboration with our Customers to meet requirements in organizational capacity building.

Action Research

working with the local communities to collect data for research papers relating to specific research requirements of Donor’s or Partner organizations.